16th Judicial Circuit responds to Kansas City Star Editorial

The 16th Judicial Circuit issued a statement in response to a Nov. 1, 2020, editorial in the Kansas City Star critical of the performance of three 16th Judicial Circuit judges.

The Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee, which was noted in both the editorial and the Court’s statement, is charged with sharing its findings as to whether nonpartisan judges seeking retention substantially meet overall judicial performance standards.  This year, the committee reviewed the performance of 53 judges including one Supreme Court of Missouri judge, four Court of Appeals judges, 26 circuit court judges and 22 associate circuit court judges in circuits where the judges are appointed under the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan. The committee found all 53 judges substantially meet overall judicial performance standards. The complete performance review information of each judge is available online at YourMissouriJudges.org.

The 16th Judicial Circuit Court noted the committee’s work as an objective source for information about the performance of its judges.

“Voters wanting information regarding these and other judges on the ballot would be better off going to www.yourmissourijudges.org and reviewing the extensive work of the Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee which, by Supreme Court rule, is responsible for conducting evaluations of trial and appellate judges who are on the ballot for retention. This committee is made up of lawyers, retired judges, and members of our community from across the state, including physicians, teachers, and religious leaders. At www.yourmissourijudges.org, voters can learn about the exhaustive process of evaluating judges who are on the ballot Tuesday, and can review lawyer and juror surveys regarding them and read decisions they have written…

Voters have many important decisions to make on Tuesday. They deserve the chance to make those decisions based on facts, and on the full record of the public servants on the ballot.“

Read the complete statement from the 16th Judicial Circuit here.

For quick reference, landing pages for voters in nonpartisan circuits are provided:

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