Joseph L Walsh III 21st Judicial Circuit (St. Louis County)


The 21st Circuit Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee recommends that Judge Joseph L. Walsh, III BE RETAINED.


Circuit Judge

Evaluation Year



Judge Joseph L. Walsh, III was appointed to the circuit bench on June 11, 2010. He was previously in private practice, handling general civil trials and appeals for St. Louis County. He also served as a municipal judge for the City of Creve Coeur and the City of Frontenac. Judge Walsh received his B.S. degree from Loras College and his law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law.


Judge Walsh received above average scores in all areas by attorneys who responded to the survey questions. Attorneys were asked to rank the judges on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest). Judge Walsh ranked highest in the areas of: demonstrating appropriate demeanor on the bench; and maintaining and requiring proper order and decorum in the courtroom. It is difficult to describe any of his scores as weaknesses; however, his lowest score was in regard to not being affected by partisan considerations. However, this score was still 4.41 out of 5.

Jury surveys that were returned mirrored the attorney surveys.

The committee also reviewed written opinions of Judge Walsh that were clear, concise, well written, and consistent with the applicable law cited therein.