Thea A Sherry 21st Judicial Circuit (St. Louis County)


The 21st Judicial Circuit Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee recommends that Judge Thea A. Sherry BE RETAINED.


Associate Circuit Judge

Evaluation Year



Judge Sherry was appointed as an associate circuit judge in 1998. She graduated from the University of California at Riverside and Washington University School of Law in St Louis.

Before her appointment to the court, Judge Sherry was a law clerk for the Missouri Court of Appeals, a public defender, and in private practice for 15 years. She is very active with the St Louis County Domestic Violence Council and is a former co-chair of the Missouri Task Force on Children’s Justice.


Attorneys rated Judge Sherry as exceeding expectations for all 16 criteria they considered. She was rated very highly in the area of maintaining and requiring order and decorum in the courtroom and treating people equally.

The committee also reviewed a written opinion of Judge Sherry which was clear, concise, well-written, and consistent with the applicable law cited therein.