Jerry A. Harmison Associate Circuit Judge


Substantially MEETS overall judicial performance standards.

Position: Previously served as an associate circuit judge for the 31st Judicial Circuit. Hon. Harmison was appointed circuit judge Sept. 9, 2022, and will no longer appear on the Nov. 8, 2022, ballot for retention as associate circuit judge.

Evaluation year: 2022


Hon. Jerry Harmison is an associate circuit judge for the 31st Judicial Circuit. Harmison’s judicial assignments include civil and criminal. Harmison is also part of the Local Rules Committee, Courtroom Design Committee, IT/Pilot program for OSCA Committee, and Evidence CLE chair.

Harmison has served in several public office positions, including Springfield Public Schools Board of Education, Springfield-Branson National Airport Board of Directors, and Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Harmison graduated from Drake University School of Law and was admitted to The Missouri Bar in 1987.

Harmison is a member of the Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Associations, Missouri Probate and Associate Circuit Judges Association, and Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association.