The 31st Circuit Judicial Commission (Greene County) conducted one day of public hearings, interviewed nine applicants and selected a panel of three nominees Thursday for the associate circuit judge position created by the appointment of Judge Jason R. Brown to the circuit bench.

The nominees are:

borthwick holden alberhasky
Becky J.W. Borthwick
Municipal Court Judge
City of Springfield Municipal Court
Margaret E. Holden
Chief Administrative Law Judge
Missouri Division of Workers Compensation
Chantel L. Alberhasky
Alberhasky Law Firm
Application Application Application


Pursuant to the Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 10, the five-person commission notes the final votes received by each nominee were: Becky J.W. Borthwick received five votes, Margaret E. Holden received five votes and Chantal L. Alberhasky received five votes.

The complete applications for the three nominees will be posted on the website of Your Missouri Courts.

The commission has submitted the panel to Gov. Jay Nixon, who will have 60 days to appoint one of the nominees as associate circuit judge.

The commission is chaired by Judge Mary W. Sheffield, chief justice of the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Southern District, and is composed of lawyers Andrew Bennett and Steve Garner, and lay members Joann Hosmer and Steven Stepp.

The selection and retention of judges in Greene County is governed by the Missouri Plan, also known as the Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan.