Judges who serve under Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan run in retention elections after their first 12 months on the bench and at the end of each term. A statewide committee reviews the performance of nonpartisan judges up for retention. Learn about the review process, criteria of the judicial performance reviews and members of the review committee.


Missouri has more than 400 judges and commissioners. The Supreme Court of Missouri is made up of seven judges. The Court of Appeals is divided into three geographic districts with a total of 32 judges. The state’s trial courts include more than 140 circuit judges, nearly 200 associate circuit judges and 30+ commissioners. Learn about the nonpartisan judges up for retention this year and in past election years.


Missouri’s counties and the City of St. Louis are organized into 46 judicial circuits. There is at least one courthouse in all 114 Missouri counties and the City of St. Louis. The circuit court is typically in the county seat (or the city of St. Louis) and may be in additional locations in the county. Identify your circuit court and learn about the nonpartisan judges up for retention this election year where you live.